Custom options, packages, and special editions

There are two types of customization: factory and bolt on.

Factory Customization includes custom paint, protective undercoating, inner-coating and black powder paint for the drive train.

“Bolt on” Customization is accessories and accessory packages. These get installed at the dealership. Installation costs may apply.

Special Editions are a combination of factory and bolt-on customization.

Custom paint

Lead Time for ordering custom paint is typically 65-75 days – that’s from the time you place an order for your Ural to the time the bike gets delivered to the dealership. (That’s pre-covid19 timeframes, of course) Sometimes dealers order custom painted units for their floor. Sometimes we bring certain popular custom configurations to keep in the warehouse available to dealers for purchase at a moments notice. Be sure to check what inventory gems your dealer has in stock or can get from our warehouse.

There are three tiers of custom paint pricing: one tone, two tone and three tone. One tone custom paint is any paint other than the standard paint colors, which for 2020 are Slate Grey, Burgundy Satin and OD Green. In case of two and three tone paint schemes there is more time and labor involved and pricing reflects that.

Here are some examples below. Images of bikes in this post may be of various model years. Please remember that this this information is a guideline and there maybe exceptions. Your final price quotes should be discussed with your dealer directly.

How to find all available options: currently anything you see on our website is available as custom order. Almost anything. 

One Tone Paint

MSRP: 850 Euro

Two Tone Paint

MSRP: 1100 Euro

Three Tone Paint

MSRP: 1250 Euro


Anti-corrosion coating protects external sidecar underbelly and the inside of the fenders.

MSRP: 450 Euro

Starting 2020 models undercoating layer is painted over in body color


Inside the sidecar tube + Undercoating

MSRP : 750 Euro

Black Power Train

Black Powder Paint Option

MSRP : 700 Euro

“Bolt-On” Customization

Bolt-on customization is just that – accessories that are installed at the dealer level. These can be individual pieces or accessories packages. You can look for individual accessories in our Parts Catalog or sometimes we put up items for sale in our retail Shop. Most popular accessories packages are Sahara Package and Adventure Package. It’s important to know that Sahara or Adventure package can be installed on any Ranger model.

Sahara Package

Upgrade your Ural with our premium Sahara Accessories Package.

-H4 LED Headlight Bulb

-Headlight Rock Guard

-Sidecar Light Guards (2 pcs)

-Taillight Guard

-Ural Windshield – Smoke 

-Fender Rack on Sidecar

-Nose Rack

-Sidecar rear bumper

-Hand Guards (2 pcs)

-Leg Mudguards

-12 Volt Adaptor

-Sahara Decal

MSRP: 1420 Euro

*MSRP excludes installation fees. Dealer prices may vary. Motorcycle may be shown with additional options

Special Editions

Special Edition is a combination of factory and dealer installed accessories.

Sahara Special Edition